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I help scholars design the meaningful work lives they want.

You have an insatiable curiosity for knowledge and a desire to positively impact the world through research, teaching, community engagement, or other endeavors. Yet, the constraints and pressures of academia can sometimes make it difficult to do your best work.

  • Perhaps “publish or perish” hums in your ears, and you know that securing an academic job or tenure requires publishing more than you have time for.

  • Perhaps you went to graduate school because you love teaching and public scholarship, but the academy's priorities leave you with little time to make a difference.

  • Perhaps you enjoyed your time as a doctoral student or precarious instructor, but full-time academic opportunities are uncommon, and you worry you won't find rewarding work outside the ivory tower.

In coaching, we work together to help you rise above the challenges of academia to rediscover your inner brilliance and better the world around you through your work.

Jenn McClearen, PhD

A little about Jenn:

Having experienced firsthand the pressures and obstacles scholars face during my own PhD studies at the University of Washington, I understand the challenges of navigating academia's publish or perish mentality.

I embarked on a personal journey to learn how to publish and thrive while maintaining work-life balance, successfully applying these lessons during my tenure-track position at the University of Texas at Austin, where I received numerous awards for my research and teaching.

After some deep soul-searching (read about that here), I resigned from my faculty position in 2024 to focus on what truly ignites me: helping scholars design careers aligned with their values to effect meaningful change in society and for the planet!

The sky is the limit!

In coaching, we can focus on

  • Devising strategies to write and publish more in the academy and beyond. 

  • Developing more work-life or work-work balance.

  • Crafting a game plan for navigating academic milestones and culture.

  • Exploring alternative career paths outside of academia.

  • And much more!

My mission is to build a community of scholars who are inspired, resilient, and equipped to spread change like a constellation of fireflies, illuminating the globe through our collective work.

Feel like you’ve lost your spark? Let’s work together to get it back. 

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Introductory Coaching Package 

Coaching is an ongoing relationship over multiple sessions that helps you create a sustainable and fulfilling approach to your writing and career goals.

Here’s what you’ll get if we decide to work together:

  1. Free 30-Minute Discovery Call:

    Let's connect and discuss how coaching will help you achieve your scholarly writing and career goals. This call is your chance to ask questions, understand the coaching process, and see if we're a good match to work together. 

  1. Six 50-Minute Coaching Sessions:

    In these sessions, we'll dive deep into your goals, motivations, and any obstacles you face. Together, we'll develop actionable plans to accomplish your writing goals or develop a career that is in alignment with you. Each session ends with concrete action steps and homework to keep you on track.

  2. Three-Month Paid Subscription to Publish Not Perish:

    Gain access to all of Publish Not Perish’s paid content, including 100K + words of wisdom and strategy and an online weekly writing support group. Already a subscriber? Enjoy the additional three months added to your existing subscription.

  3. Email or Slack Support Between Sessions:

    Need guidance, accountability, or just a pep talk between sessions? You've got it. Reach out anytime via email or Slack. 

Limited-Time Offer: 

This coaching package is priced at $1000 (or 3 monthly payments of $350) for a limited time, and I’m only taking a handful of clients initially this summer. I can also work out other payment plans upon request.

Get in touch soon to see if we are a good fit to work together!

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