Pitch a Guest Post

One of my goals for Publish Not Perish is to expand my offerings to include perspectives and experiences outside of my own. I would love to have your voice in the mix!

Do you have a suggestion for a writing, research, or time management topic that will allow you to write more or simply live better? Do you have a distinct viewpoint that is different from mine and that others might find useful to hear?

Everyone is welcome to pitch, including graduate students, postdocs, junior and senior scholars, freelancers, adjuncts, independent scholars, etc.

I'd love to get pitches that deal with the following topics in some way, but I am open to others as well:

  • Writing academic work in a language other than your first

  • Managing writing and academic life as an adjunct or freelancer

  • Working with multiple co-authors

  • Working in academia in non-western contexts

  • Writing in the academy while Black, Latinx, Indigenous, disabled, neurodivergent, and/or while having other marginalized identities

  • Personal experiences of imposter syndrome, perfectionism, or procrastination

  • Other ideas?

Right now, I can offer $50 USD for a 1000–1800 word post or two one-year paid subscriptions to the newsletter (a $120 USD value)—you can keep one and give one away, or give away both paid subscriptions! As Publish Not Perish grows in paid subscriptions, so will the payment for the guest posts. 

To submit a pitch, please use this Google Form.

Please note that I will keep these pitches on file and will let you know via email only if I want further information about your pitch for a future post.